Lawn Seeding Services

In Lewis Center, Delaware, Powell, Galena, & Surrounding Ohio Areas

We offer slit seeding and overseeding services that will help repair your lawn from damage caused by lawn disease, insect infestations, heat stress, and other harsh conditions.

Overseeding and Slit Seeding Services for Residential Lawns Throughout Lewis Center, Delaware, Powell, & Galena, OH

Our professional seeding services will improve the quality, health, and beauty of your lawn.

Taking time to seed your turf on an annual basis will help it retain its health and beauty throughout the year. Both slit seeding and overseeding are options we offer for improving your lawns quality. We offer seeding services for residential lawns throughout Lewis Center, Delaware, Powell, and Galena, OH annually.

What Our Seeding Services Will Do For Your Lawn

During the summer, your turf sees a lot of foot traffic and harsh conditions. Both overseeding and slit seeding aid your grass in repairing itself from summer stress, lawn disease, and insects. Seeding helps increase the thickness and density of your grass, which, aside from making it stronger, gives it improved aesthetics.

When our professionals seed lawns, they do it as a preventative measure to keep your grass from becoming to thin. It helps to enhance your grass’s ability to fight insects and disease that may be detrimental to your property. At Down to Earth Lawn Care, we offer both overseeding and slit seeding services in the fall!

Overseeding Your Property & the Steps Involved

Overseeding is one of the methods we use to add new grass seed to your existing lawn. Overseeding uses pre-mixed seeds of the best grass to help generate new growth. The most effective way of overseeding is after an aeration service as it allows better soil-to-seed contact, which is required for best germination results.

Aerating your lawn prior to overseeding allows the grass seed to have direct contact with the soil. This gives the seeds optimal chance for germination.

We find these steps to be the most successful process of overseeding your property.

  1. Mow the lawn and remove grass clippings from the yard.
  2. Aerate the turf using a specialized aerating tool.
  3. Use a spreader, either handheld or broadcast, to lay seed across the grass.
  4. Keep your grass watered to aid in seed growth.
  5. Return to your regular lawn mowing and maintenance routine, once the grass has reached the desired height.

Reseeding Your Yard With Slit/Slice Seeding

Slit seeding (sometimes called slice seeding or power seeding) is the other option for reseeding your yard. We use a machine called a slit seeder, which vertically cuts into the ground and directly implants the seeds. This method has an extremely high germination rate due to the seeds being consistently deposited into nutrient-rich soil. Since the machine handles most of the work, the process of slice seeding is easy and takes less than a day to complete.

Your seed will take about 5-14 days to begin growing. During this time, we advise homeowners to water their yard daily to help the seed grow strong and healthy.

Slice seeding is an agressive approach used for repairing large areas or establishing a new lawn.

Get a Quote on Seeding Services for Your Lawn

We have been providing both of these seeding methods for over a decade in Lewis Center and the surrounding communities of Delaware, Powell, and Galena. Our experts make sure your lawn is properly seeded well before the first frost arrives.

For more information on our seeding techniques or to get a quote, call us at (614) 839-0584!


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