Weed Control
Weed Control

The most important step to controlling weeds in the lawn is to identify the weeds. There’s a large variety of “broadleaf” and “grassy” weeds a lawn may have that may require different products. Our program is designed to deal with a wide variety of weed types that may be growing in your lawn.

Our #1 goal is increasing the overall health of the turf leading to a thicker greener lawn and using weed control as needed. This in itself is the best weed control for your lawn.

Weed Control

Benefits of controlling weeds

There are many benefits to keeping weeds at bay.

Prevent spreading to other areas

Allows more nutrients for turfgrass

Curb appeal


Commonly asked questions

How long do I have to stay off the lawn after a weed treatment?

You only need to stay off the lawn for 2-3 hours allowing the weed control to absorb into the weeds and excess moisture to evaporate.

What happens if it rains after a weed treatment?

We schedule around when there aren’t prolonged rain showers since it impacts the performance of our equipment. But if we experience a brief sprinkle or popup rain it’s typically fine if it’s after 2-3 hours after an application. If weeds haven’t started to wilt and die after 7 days let us know and we’ll be back out to treat them.

Are the weed control products safe and pet friendly?

Yes but…. Just as with anything we use in our life like cleaning products following the manufacturer’s instructions and directions is important. Waiting 2-3 hours before going back on the lawn is a safe practice.


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